Wednesday, April 22, 2015

- BLURB IS HERE - Eagle Eye (Shadows in the dark, #3)

As of yesterday there is a new book scheduled in the Shadows in the dark series that would not let me resume writing Marked until it was done with the basic plot outline in my head. These three Alphas are very strong characters. Today, I had to write the blurb to get it out. Now, I'm going to try and resume back on Marked. ;) XOXO, C

Eagle Eye (Shadows in the dark, #3)

I cant stop. Its become a physical need that I have formed. My day would be fucked up if I didnt see her at least once. The moment I locked her in my sight I knew she would change me. The question that is yet to be determined is how much.

Im a trained killer. I sit, I watch, and when conditions are ideal I pull the trigger. Im a ghost. The one rule is to never be detected. The only way to live is to shut down the mind. Hesitation can get you killed.

If only I could mute the part that still haunts me: the screams, the pain, and the visuals in my head. Some mistakes cannot be reversed.

So I watch

Operation Eagle Eye is now underway. Anyone that tries to harm her is now my target. I, Chevy Rutland, will protect her at all costs, consequences be damned.

Everything was fine until he showed up trying to take what Ive already claimed as mine. Do I introduce myself, making myself visible, or kill off the competition?

Im no stranger to war. For herIll go back.

That feeling is back.

I turn around, but again I see no one. Chills run down my spine as the hairs on the back of my neck stand. It makes me uneasy. My heart pounds every time Im alone. The bad part is that I dont think Im really alone.

Someone is watching me.

Im Chaisley Bennett and Ive sworn to never settle down. Ive always loved the night, its why I made it my career, but now Im scared. The parties, the money, the travel, and the social stigma, its what I live for. Im not ready for it to end. What does he want? Will he hurt me? Will he show himself or remain invisible? I should report it, but something is telling me not to.

No matter where you go, there is always someone watching. Just because you can't see him, doesn't mean he isn't there. Two hearts meant to be, speak to each other loud and clear, drawn to each other like two magnets. You can run, but you cant hide. The battle of hearts is as old as time. Dont go to war with love unless youre prepared to surrenderevery time.


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