Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sex sessions t-shirts are available for order for 18 days only!

Campaign will be available for 18 more days. I believe two more are required for the campaign to print which should be reached by the time I put in my order. I make them to wear to signings and for the people that want them. They may not be available again, because tee spring requires more purchases to print the campaign each time it's re-launched. The price is set by tee spring. I learned if I change it, it may not print even if I reach the minimum number required to print. While I realize they are risqué, I do not recommend wearing in the general public or around children to avoid offending people. They are mostly for avid erotic romance readers and if you have longer hair the top should be covered. If you are interested in a different shirt from me but cannot purchase this one, let me know and I'll try my best to put something together. Marked and Love and War have already been done. 



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