Sunday, August 28, 2016

NOW LIVE!!!! Sex Sessions: After the cut

Saxton and Kambry are back in Sex Sessions: After the cut!!! 

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My name is Saxton Maverick and I am a pussy-whipped porn star...

Did that get your attention? 

I thought it might. 

I proudly wear that badge, because that girl has my balls in her hand, literally on most days and figuratively. 

So word on the street is I've been tamed by the good girl, yet I've never been hornier. The irony. 

I half expected this whole project to bomb the second it went live. I kind of wanted it to. A peaceful week in New York with my girl is what I wanted. To just be...normal. No cameras, no viewers, no studio; just us. I think I'm entitled after having to share her with every fucking horny man on the planet for a month, or soon to be anyway. What I wasn't expecting...

America's hottest couple... Porn has crossed over, starting with us. It's no longer forbidden, secret, and shameful. What have I done? Erotic love has never been more in demand. 

We are icons. 

Now we have shoes to fill, even after the cut, and what happens in New York doesn't always stay in New York.

Let part two begin...

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Happy reading! I hope you enjoy their continuation as much as I did writing it. They really grew as a couple in this one. There may be surprises hiding within the eBook. ;)



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