accepted fate


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Summer has begun. 

One phrase to a west coast kid that means everything. At least for the fortunate. No more schedules, no more school, and no more rules. For most, the parties are nightly, the alcohol never runs dry, and the cars are fast. Me—yeah, not so much. I’m the golden girl. The California sunshine on my face and the sand beneath my feet are just the start. I love my town. I love my life. It’s exactly as I want it. It’s perfect.
I have a plan. No boys, no drinking, no sex, and definitely no parties. Distractions are what those are. Only cheerleading. Everything is going as planned.

A volleyball changed everything. 

And suddenly, I’m all too aware of him. Blue eyes. Sweat. Muscle. A smile that makes me nervous. And a southern drawl that doesn’t belong here. He’s everywhere. I can’t breathe or think. When his body touched mine, I had to escape. 

Then, out of nowhere, my parents ruined my life with two words: we’re moving. And then he shows up at my favorite place. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to break my own rules. And I know exactly where to start. 

Note from the author: Currently being re-edited and re-covered. Once finished, this book will be split into two (Accepted Fate and Changing Fate) and only Accepted Fate will remain *perma free* so take advantage before part two becomes regular price.