changing fate


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Summer is over.

The moment I’ve waited for my entire life is here. It’s senior year. All my life I’ve longed for the day I could walk on that field as a senior football player. It’s the year that marks everything—a passageway to the rest of your life—and I’m ready.

We are now the leaders for the entire high school. It’s time to dictate the parties, dominate the field, rule the halls, and enjoy that girls have matured a little more—looking for fun before responsibilities of college begin. We have one year to make a lasting impression. 

I’ve rehearsed this, thought about it for years, and targeted every girl I want a piece of. Problem is—there’s only one girl I’m thinking about, and she’s thousands of miles away. That week ruined me. And I’ll never see her again.

Or will I?

Note from the author: Currently being re-edited. Previously, this book was the back half of Accepted Fate. If you purchased 'Accepted Fate' prior to April 2018, this title is not required.