fate by forgiveness

Riggan & Sayler


I’ve known what it’s like to be at the top of the world looking down.

I had the girl, the band, fans, and a deal on the table. It was the opportunity of a lifetime, and not many get to experience it. I knew what I wanted and was unstoppable. No one was going to stand in our way. She supported me. She had an undying love for our music. And I was all in. Being a tattoo artist was just a paid hobby I was more than happy to lay down. 

We were going to make it—all of us. I could already feel the heat from the stage lights, see the sold-out venue with hands in the air as the crowd chanted our name and sang our lyrics. I could imagine our songs playing on the radio. Music videos, success, fame, Grammys—I wanted it all. We were chasing a dream. Billboard was my target. And we were days away from claiming a tour bus.

Then she died.

A musician without a muse is nothing. She was mine. I wanted none of it anymore. No friends, family, nothing. I just wanted her. Drugs became my lifeline. Didn’t matter the kind. It all served a purpose. An effort to make me forget what I’d done. My desire for music laid six-feet under just like her. And as much as I wanted to die, God wouldn’t let me. Living was a greater punishment.

When I was as low as I could go, the stars aligned, and suddenly I was around people I couldn’t escape, being forced to face things I never had. Fresh out of rehab and halfway across the country and I laid eyes on her—hot, younger, and an itch I was going to scratch. 

Only it wasn’t. She changed everything. Things I didn’t want changed. She stirs emotions I’d laid to rest. She sparks behavior in me that’s never existed. She surfaces a form of desire I’ve never known. Her immaturity leaves me raging mad. Her tantrums make me crazy. And the jealousy over her I can’t handle. Yet I can’t leave her alone.

And when the supernatural has a hand in matchmaking, the only thing left . . . is recovery. 

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: It is imperative that you read Fate for You and Fate for Me first. Their story starts there with several point of view chapters.