lasting fate


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Please consider leaving a review on any sales channel, including GoodReads.


Torn between love and commitment.

I was the girl with the plan. The girl that had it all together. Fate laughed at me. My life quickly became a destructive tornado, me in the middle. And as I sit here, with everything spinning around me, I feel lost, hopeless, and undeserving. 

I should have seen the signs.

I should have fought harder for answers.

Instead, I betrayed him in a way that breaks me more than him. 

Every decision has a consequence. To move on is to leave something behind. There are three hearts on the line. At least one is going to be broken regardless of the direction. One is safe. The other is dangerous. Dangerous in ways that you don’t come back from. The biggest problem of it all is that it’s not about me anymore, or them, but about him. He didn’t ask to be drug into this. Love brought him here.

So, as I stand at the crossroads, which way do I go? The path of least resistance, or the path that will set me free . . .

Note from the author: This is not written to be read as a standalone. If you have not read the previous books in the series please read those first. 2nd Edition 2018. 

Reading order: Accepted Fate, Changing Fate, Twisting Fate, Lasting Fate.