Marked (Shadows in the Dark, #1)


Marked (Shadows in the Dark, #1)


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I crave to kill.

I always knew I was different. That there was something dark brewing inside of me from a pretty young age. My life was anything but easy in the beginning. I was angry. I was lonely. With a neglectful mother that cared more about men and booze than me, I learned quickly how to take care of myself. Then, at eight-years-old, my luck changed.

My savior showed up.

Lies unfolded. Secrets were revealed. I discovered I was just a pawn in her game. Something I desperately wanted but never thought I’d have came looking for me. And in a fleeting moment, everything that caused me pain was gone. I never looked back. The place I once knew as home became a temporary purgatory to a good life. He raised me. He loved me. He gave me a life most only dream of. And he protected my innocence for as long as he could. But he never lied to me like she did.

One day everything came to the light. Who he was. What he does. And why he chose to take lives for a living. Murder for hire. Living from hit to hit. It wasn’t a need. It was an obligation. A form of restitution for those that found our justice system fell short. And even though I ended up on the right side of the law, I never looked at him any different. I would have killed for him.

But then that time came. A choice was to be made. In that moment it came easy. He once chose me. I choose him. His only heir to the empire he built. A businessman by day. A monster at night. Folklore tells you a reaper is ugly, but some of the scariest creatures hide in plain sight. I was untouchable. 

Then I met her. The rules tell me she’s a loose end. I’m locked and loaded on her. Question is—Can I pull the trigger?

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