Sex Sessions: Passionate Consequences (Camera Tales, #3)


Sex Sessions: Passionate Consequences (Camera Tales, #3)


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The partier. The playboy. The popular one.

That’s what I’ve always been. Never serious about anything. Especially not girls. I had my fun. Lived it up. Made friends. Did my time in high school just like everyone else. Inhaled college experience at an uncontrollable rate. Me and my cousin Joel—my partner in crime—sat on top of the world for a while. We had it all. 

California dreams are a high in itself.

But every high comes to an end. The come-down isn’t as fun as the high. Bad shit happens. People lie. They die. And before you know it you’re stuck in the middle of an earthquake and everything is falling down around you. Then you’re forced to grow up. Take responsibility. Life isn’t about the party anymore. Nothing stays the same.

My yearly trip to New York came calling. One week out of the year I could be irresponsible. Live for the party with no consequences. Alcohol. Sex. Add to a head full of memories. I picked her out in a club. A wager was made. I took her home.

What a one-night stand she was. Turns out she wasn’t much of a stranger, after all. Sister of a porn star, and my best friend. Something about her was different. Smart. Beautiful. Driven. Fun. Had one hell of a mouth on her. Before I knew it one night turned into two and returning home days later wasn’t as easy as I expected it to be.

Opposite coastlines with nothing to hold us together. Until there was. One thing you can bank on with irresponsible sex—consequences. And I have a black eye left by my best friend to prove it.

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