twisting fate


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Please consider leaving a review on any sales channel, including GoodReads.


Life is cruel.

I tried so hard to avoid pain, to live carefully, and to keep a level head until I was ready to settle down . . .much later. Why is it that the people who don’t want to take risks get pushed into them the most? All I wanted was to make it to graduation with my friends, to go to college, and to focus on cheerleading—something that made me happy.

I never asked for this—any of it.

But now, here I am with a gaping hole in my chest. I can barely breathe. I didn’t want to need him, but I do. And he left me. How could he do this to me after making me love him? I wish I could hate him. Maybe then my heart could mend.

I have a secret. But it won’t be a secret for long. I don’t think I can do this alone. He found me—someone that’s earned my trust over the years. He would never hurt me. And that’s what makes him more appealing. Then he made me an offer that’s hard to refuse.

And just when I thought things were getting better, the biggest twist of them all was thrown in. If my heart survives the shock, which do I choose? Either way, someone will lose.

Note from the author: Currently being re-edited. Not a standalone. 

Reading order: Accepted Fate, Changing Fate, Twisting Fate, Lasting Fate